YEP, it’s that time of year again.. Holiday parties!

Wow I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post.  Things have just been crazy personally and professionally – both a good crazy =).  I also can’t believe the year just flew by!! It’s already that time of year again, the dreaded or wonderful office holiday party.. YIPPEE!!! =)

I’ve recently read a great article in the Wall Street Journal, about Holiday party Do’s and Don’ts.  I thought some of topics would be worth discussing.  First off it depends on the type of holiday party your company throws.. can you bring spouses, significant others or kids.. or is it the type that of party that kids shouldn’t probably attend?  The first of the two is usually pretty safe to attend, as most  everyone there is on their best behavior because of the family presence – although there are that few that really don’t care and just go nutz when they hear the word “party”.  The employee only party or the party without kids is usually MUCH more active and some crazy antics are usually discussed the following day.

A few things to remember when going to that wonderful holiday party might be… it’s OK to be the first to arrive, but don’t be that guy/gal that’s the last one holding up the bar – that’s NOT a good look for anyone.  It’s not OK to all of the sudden break out in a Michael Jackson move – especially if there is NO dance floor – Granted this might be hysterical but  your boss may not think so.  I think this tip is a “duh” but some just don’t get it and that’s watching how much alcohol you’ve had.   If all of the sudden someone tells you you’re speaking a different language, maybe.. just maybe it’s time to put down the drink and a: go home or b: get some water.  Don’t be that person who all of the sudden has the liquid courage to talk to the pretty girl/guy that you’ve had your eye on all year – this could/would ruin any chance you may have had.  Nor is it a good time talk to your boss about a raise/promotion.. especially if you’re speaking an entirely different language!

I hope this information either brought up some AWESOME memories of past events (memories of others of course) where co-workers just had a little to much fun or maybe that “co-worker” was you last year and you’re now reminded to watch yourself this year… either way hope the holidays bring you joy and happiness!

Happy Holidays everyone… be safe out there.. and always have a DD!