Non-Negotiables clients look for…

I’ve recently reviewed several articles about the economy and how technology fits with in the down turn as well as hiring has changed because of it.  One article really stuck in my head.. “Seven “Non-Negotiables” to prevent a bad hire”.    Not only is the article informative in regards to what traits company’s are looking for now, but it can help applicants fine tune their interviewing process.

Obviously companies have a “screening” process they follow and some even look at personal characteristics that have morphed into becoming more of a primary criteria for making hiring decisions.  These “characteristics” are  Respect, Belief, Loyalty, Commitment, Trust, Courage and Gratitude… it all boils down to integrity.. “is this someone that will benefit my organization long term?”.

Bottom line is, company’s really looking for talented individuals that are looking to make a difference… not someone looking to build their resume anymore.


Interesting Article… “Career” versus “Job” — surprising attitudes on how working mothers feel about their work

I stumbled over this article and found it VERY interesting and informative, and being a Woman in a “mans” field I feel it  hit the proverbial “nail on the head”… what are your thoughts??

‘“Career oriented women feel more respected at home and say their spouses are more helpful” – so state the results of a national survey of more than 4,600 men and women. The study, What Moms Think: Career Versus Paycheck, was spearheaded by Working Mother Media with sponsors Ernst & Young, IBM, and Procter & Gamble.

Comments Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media, “The study, which was designed to focus attention on work-life and the advancement of women, reveals previously unknown attitudes and ideas about how women feel about their careers, men’s views of working mothers, workplace flexibil¬ity, the current state of gender roles, and what we all want to get out of work.”

Surprising results from the study include:

  • Women who identify with having a career report they are more satisfied and feel more positive in every area of work and life, versus women who state they merely have a job
  • Career-oriented working mothers are more satisfied with the opportunities available to develop their skills, the level of respect they receive at work, and their manager’s support in meeting demands from family and home
  • Career-oriented women were more likely to report they felt healthy, that their life was in balance, and that their work fulfilled a higher purpose than “just making money”
  • The bad news is career-oriented mothers were more likely to feel like they could not get away from work and were more likely to believe managers and co-workers questioned their work commitment

Where do men stand when it comes to career-oriented women? According to the study, working fathers had favorable impressions of working mothers. However, men without children tended to rate working mothers as less committed to career advancement, less willing to take on additional work, and less committed to job responsibilities than working women with no children. Sadly, women without children also tended to have harsher views of working mothers.’

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Is the economy really changing???

“Is the economy getting any better?  There seems to be more jobs out there, but I’m not getting hired.”  … “What would you recommend I do to increase my eligibility to get hired? Are certifications an asset or should I get another degree?”

Honestly I’m not any kind of “expert”, but I do see the changes every single day in the economy – which is DEFINITELY a good thing!!. So the first thing I say is, “YES” it is changing, but in the Technology industries there is still the need for highly skilled individuals.  Those individuals MUST have experience with multiple technologies and a BA or BS degree – some companies will also take a Technical college.   Most companies these days are trying to save money and therefore combining two positions into one, so the individual with multiple technologies and methodologies are always their first choice.

It’s hard to believe the amount of resumes I receive per position that need a TON of work to make them presentable to our clients.  So one thing to remember is ALWAYS make sure to check, double check and triple check  your resume.  The MOST common error on a resume is spelling and second most is not tailoring your resume to fit the position.  Companies want to see all your pertinent experience that measures up to their job description, NOT your experience waiting tables, or working in any other non-technical field.

Another thing to remember is Recruiters are here to HELP you with your career change or questions … we’re not the enemy, and therefore use us as a resource!! That’s what we’re here for.  Individuals I work with always know to contact me anytime with questions they may have on the economy, industry and even what certs/education they should get.  OH and another thing to remember is we’re also here to HELP you write your resume.  Speaking for myself, I WON’T write it for you, but I will work with you to make it “fit” the position.

I hope this information helps!!