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Little about me… Born in a wonderful little college town called Lawrence Kansas where the University of Kansas is located –  for those that aren’t basketball fans, it’s kinda historical – and therefore I’m somewhat of a College Basketball fan and lets just say March is one of my favorite months. =)  and Yes I did go to KU – ROCK CHALK!

After college I decided to spread my wings and move to the big city of Phoenix Arizona.  Talk about a culture shock! Wow!!  But I absolutely LOVED it there.  The weather is amazing, when it’s not 115-120 outside, and there is sooooo much to do;  Hiking, road trips, biking or just hanging pool side with friends.

I began my fascination with technology there and started my career as a Recruiter right at the tip of the .com mayhem.  I worked with mostly Java developers right out of college and placed them with our clients in Mountain Side, CA or Silicon Valley mostly. It was soo much fun and talk about educational.  But then that wonderful bubble burst, so I found myself looking for a new Recruiting opportunity as many did, and decided to start my own practice.  I loved working at home and for myself, it was absolutely wonderful.

I’m a firm believer in networking and now Social Networking so I’ve always kept in contact with colleagues and MGR’s as you  just never know what the future might bring.  So one day an old colleague called and said “hey come work for me, I’ve got a new challenge for you and need your help.”   The position was on the corporate side which was a nice change and in the market a HUGE challange – and I could still do my stuff on the side 😉 bonus.  The company was a server side start up, working with government contracts.  Needless to say it was definitely an interesting environment, one I was definitely not accustomed to.  Unfortunately the company only lasted a few yrs and then 9/11 happened, and as it hit so many small businesses ours was no different.  So a couple yrs later the doors closed.

So to make a long story short, after that company closed it doors I worked at a couple recruiting companies in AZ and then one day in 2008 I decided “home is where the heart is” and moved back to wonderful Lawrence Kansas and I’m loving every single minute of it.  The Midwest just doesn’t get the credit it’s due, it’s such a wonderful place, the changing seasons… strangers saying hi in the elevator.  I am now working with a great locally owned organization doing what I LOVE.. Technology/IT Recruiting.

Needless to say I’ve been in the Recruiting world for 12yrs now and the “closet geek” in me loves it!  Each and every day is a challenge and something is either learned or taught.. what’s not to like about that???



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  1. sunny
    Oct 19, 2012 @ 13:48:11

    very touchy and yaa there is a life in small towns


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