Things that SHOULD be “tweaked” every

I hope everyone is off to a wonderful 2013 and had a great holiday with friends and family!!

With the new year, comes resolutions.. weight loss… new goals… and even a career change.

I noticed this article, 5 things to tweak on every resume you send, and thought… “huh, I wonder If people still don’t do this?”  Apparently the answer is “Yes”.  REALLY? So if you’re serious about changing your career / position, and you’ve not done some of these, then that’s a HUGE mistake.  I can’t tell you the number of resumes I over look because their address is out of state, and they’ve recently relocated without updating the resume.  Or, the worst for me is the resumes I see that have nothing to do with the position they’re applying to, but they REALLY do have the skills!  SERIOUSLY! That’s just a big DUH!

I don’t think individuals realize you have to help the reader see what value you would bring to their organization, especially in this economy!  Or help that recruiter see your skills and find that perfect position for you!  I makes me wonder how many people are “stuck in dead-end jobs” but haven’t taken the time to update their resume.

OK, I’ll get down from my soap box! =) But this is a great read, something everyone should look at.  And do yourself a favor, before applying to that GREAT position, did you “tweak”??  5 things to tweak on every resume you send

Cheers to a GREAT 2013!!!


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